8 Jan 2017

Portrait of Richard Fox

Portrait of Richard Fox by Johannes Corvus (Jan Rav), c.1530s
The exhibition includes a reproduction of the portrait of Richard Fox by Jan Rav, alias Joannes Corvus (Wikipedia), who was Flemish, but active in England in the 1530s and ’40s.

It now hangs in pride of place above the High Table in the College dining hall, as can be seen in this image:
The Tudor Dining Hall of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
[click to enlarge]
It was presumably commissioned posthumously, and perhaps relied on a death-mask for the features of his face. The gold rings on his right hand are similar to, but not identical with, rings owned by the College that are believed to have been his.

Several copies of the picture are known, including this one at the College, and this one at Pembroke College, Cambridge (of which he was Master, 1507-18).

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